The Slurry Knife Gate Valve Flange Series is recognized as the most durable and user friendly knife gate valve designed for difficult slurry applications.
When the valve opens, the Flange Series reinforced elastomer sleeves seal against each other and provide a 100% full port opening, which minimizes turbulence, which in turn eliminates wear. The seats isolate and protect all metal parts of the valve from coming in contact with the process.
In the open position the two sleeves seal against each other in the centre of the valve, providing a full bore through which the slurry can travel without being in contact with any metallic com-ponents. Closing the valve forces the gate progressively down between the two mating sleeve ends until it reaches the fully closed position, at which point the sleeves seal tight against ei-ther side of the gate, effectively sealing and completely contain-ing the line pressure. Any material/medium discharged between the sleeves during stroking open or closed is collected within the containment area of the valve body and drained via the flushing port at the bottom of the body.
► Fully elastomers lined
► 100% full port opening
► Elimination of packing
► Abrasion resistant sleeves
► Bubble tight shut-off, bi-directionally
► Eliminates seat cavity which prevents slurry build-up or dewatering.

Materials of Construction
► Body: WCB
► Sleeve: EPDM
► Standard gate: 304SS
► Baked enamel paint